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The Backstory

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love how Substack has made blogging cool again. What is this 2010? Some of you might have known me long enough to remember the fashion blog that I had in back in those days. It was called Vintage Clothes + Designer Drugs.

I had to dig DEEP for this burry ass promo pic of my old blog. | Photo by Amelia Hayden

It was a fun little blog that gave me an excuse to focus on things I loved, writing and clothes. Then it got so popular that I started getting photo submissions from photographers, invites to NY Fashion Week, and eventually grew it into a fashion magazine in Atlanta called Vagrant.

Fast-Forward To Now

A decade-plus later and your boy's still at it—publishing, writing, and making noise. Writing for me isn't just an act; it's a sacred space. It's where I converse with my higher self, sift through complex emotions, and piece together fragments of wisdom. The work room in The Atomik Factory is fun though. I have house music playing over the speakers and the uniform is chic, because we’re not doing manual labor, we’re manufacturing ideas.

Photo by Dusty St. Amand

Think of this space as a dynamic assembly line for the mind, one that never runs out of unique blueprints. Raw ideas get molded through the machinery of my lived experiences and are fine-tuned by the artistry of storytelling. I’m pumping out top-notch insights, observations, and dashes of humor. While my magazines speak to a niche audience, this blog is where I let loose—no filters, no algorithms, just pure, quality-checked Atomik goodness.

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You can reach me by email at info@tomik2point0.com. You can also leave a comment on any of my posts.

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An unfiltered dive into the intersections of queerness, pop culture, and social justice, all through the lens of a Brooklyn loudmouth... is what I want this to be. The truth is that it's mostly just my fucking journal.


Tomik Dash is a Black, gay, left-handed, near-sighted, outspoken entrepreneur, writer, activist, & sex worker. At least 3 of those attributes got him scholarships into college.